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Oralab​s,​ Parker Colorado. Customer 

Since 2003

Industrial Compressor Company has been in business since 2003 providing a market ​focused, customer oriented, stocking distributor of clean air products.  Industrial Compressor Co. sales effort involves complete support including PM programs, system installation and support for Dryers, (Refrigerant, Desiccant and Membrane).  Compressors (Rotary Screw, Piston Direct Drive and variable speed, Flooded and Oil Free).  Complete System technology for all industries from clean room to agriculture, from plant installation to point of use applications.  Industrial Pressure Control, Filtration Modular and Inline Custom configurations, System Monitoring, Condensate Drains and Instrumentation.

Industrial Compressor, Co.  goal is to focus on the best our industry can provide followed by premier support for our customers clean air project.  As the cost of producing clean air production rises, key division makers are focusing on developing  and integrating sustainable technologies and partnerships.

 In order to maintain plant requirements while providing for growth and reducing costs.  Industrial Compressor Co. along with our partners can provide solutions that allow for cost effective production of clean air. Certifying results for your future.

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